Small World

by Chris Malcarney

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Recorded entirely on my iphone. Best enjoyed through headphones. Recorded at the playground while watching the kids, on the 48 bus, while walking home from work, etc. No real instruments were used.


released March 27, 2012

another artistic triumph brought to you by chapter 7 records



all rights reserved


chris malcarney Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ornament
Brand new fresh start
Ahead full steam
I live my life to dream

Hit my marks on
The silver screen
I live my life to dream

Ornaments are only safe
When loved
Or when they break

Can’t shake these creeps
The snakes and sheep
I live my life to sleep
Track Name: A Paler Shade of White
With disbelieving eyes
And jaws gone slack
This disappearing act
Is not a moment too soon

And as she slips away
From their memories
They don’t even see
She never left the room

A paler shade of white,
Admired when it’s admired alone,
Is dimmed by Spring’s gold light
And beauty and youth
Will win out over truth
As though the morning sun had never shone
Track Name: Winter Garden
Bouquets and accolades
I used to be adorned
Now I open up the trades
And all I see is scorn
That I haven’t earned
And the Winter Garden’s burning to the ground

There's no picking family
There's no picking fame
Who the public praises
And who they choose to blame
When the tables turn
And the Winter Garden’s burning to the ground

Somewhere in the dark
A spark turns laughter into tears
As our U.S. Cousin
Does in a noble career
Track Name: The Spires of St. Paul
Morning he was off to church
And later to Whitehall
The world was safe and bright
And in the center of it all
Were the Spires of St. Paul

Now he’s packing up his books
And he’s burying his wine
Elizabeth has fled
And he’ll follow her in time

The fire took the houses
He watched them slowly fall
It swept along the river
And it breached the city wall
And took the Spires of St Paul
Track Name: Hiding in Plain Sight
She looked up from the letter
And then she said to me
“Darling get the Remington
and stand beside that tree”

I am hiding in plain sight

Many years later
I asked if she was wrong
She said “It’s hard to raise a kid
Sometimes you must be strong.”

I am hiding in plain sight
Track Name: Playground
I move my pawn
You move your rook
And then I see
My queen’s been took
There is no doubt
I’ll lose this fight
The end’s laid out
In black and white

Shout in the dark
Can’t hold my tongue
And wait for revelations
That never come
The actor's wife
Dances with the crook
And revels in the little moments
That they took
Track Name: Let Me In
I’m kicking at the door
I know you’re safe down there
Did you not hear me knock?
Or do you just not care?

My world is starting to spin
You’ve got to let me in
You’ve got to let me in

The twister’s bearing down
The cows have been turned loose
Tree’s lying on the ground
Been torn up by the roots
Track Name: Race to the Sea
Filling bags of clay behind a berm
A day’s work and to this clay I’ll return

With the starter’s shot
We race to the sea
And fall for greater good
Somewhere miles away
Does she think of me?

A day’s work and to this clay I’ll return
Track Name: The Angry Gnome
He was an angry gnome
On the front lawn of a prefab home
15 miles outside of Galveston
He got left behind
It happened every time
The clouds would come
And cover up the sun

He said “That’s fine.
I’ll fend for myself this time
But I won’t forgive and I won’t forget
But I won’t forgive and I won’t forget.”
Track Name: Mind If I Look In the Hole?
Okay, it’s your turn to hide...